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FILME: On Football (Local producer)
VARIETY - Sergio Oksman’s On Football at Locarno
21 de setembro de 2015

The documentary, for which Superfilmes was the local production company in Brazil, premiered at Locarno Film Festival 2015. 

FILME: Gipsy River
GYPSY RIVER on theaters
18 de setembro de 2015

Gypsy River, directed by Julia Zakia and produced by Superfilmes, is on brazilian theaters. 

OBRA's Cinematography in highlight
17 de agosto de 2015

André S. Brandão is the responsible for OBRA'S beautiful cinematography. He received the prize of Best Cinematography in Rio's Film Festival 2014 and is collecting compliments wherever the movie is exhibited. 

OBRA in Brazilian Theaters
14 de agosto de 2015

OBRA hit brazilian theaters in August 13th and can be watched in 6 cities around the country. 

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