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Tinnitus selected by Spcine
29 de outubro de 2015

Tinnitus, 2nd feature film by Gregorio Graziosi, to be produced by Superfilmes, is one of the winners of Spcine Investment Program 2015. Spcine is São Paulo's Cinema and Audiovisual Company, that in 2015 had a budget of around US$20 million to support São Paulo's Audiovisual development, production and distribution. 


In the last Spcine's calling for support, 262 projects have applied, but only 16, among them Tinnitus, have been awarded.

Tinnitus will tell the story of Marina, a diving athlete that abandons her carreer due to Tinnitus, the scientific name for "buzz", a problem that affects her balance. In 2016's Olympic Games, Marina wants to compete again, but to do this she will have to deal with the risks brought by her illness. 


This is the 2nd prize won by Tinnitus, that in 2014 has won a Development Prize from São Paulo's Municipality. 


More info, in portuguese, in Spcine's site

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