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At Variety, Graziosi's new projects
30 de setembro de 2014

After "Obra" premiere in Brazil, at Rio Fest, the north-american magazine Variety announced director Gregorio Graziosi's new projects. The first one, already being written, is "Tinnitus".


Read below the article. To visit Variety's website, click here.


RIO DE JANEIRO  — Gregorio Graziosi, director of “Obra,” one of the most anticipated movies at this year’s Rio Fest, has teamed with Marco Dutra (“Hard Labor”), another leading Brazilian new gen light, to write “Tinnitus,” a psychological drama come sports film.

Like “Obra,” fiction feature “Tinnitus” is set up at Zita Carvalhosa’s Superfilmes (“Alice’s House”), with Graziosi set to direct. With “Obra” seeing its Latin America premiere at Rio de Janeiro Festival Sunday night, Graziosi is also advancing on a passion project, “Casa,” a film he says he just has to make.

Now with a good-draft screenplay, “Tinnitus” turns on a 30-year-old high-board diver who suffered a grave accident making a wrong water entry from a 10-meters board. This affects her confidence and leaves her with tinnitus, affecting her sense of balance, forcing her into retirement. Five years later, already much older than competitors, she determines to return to competition for the Rio Olympic Games. But she still suffers from terrible buzzing in her ears. Picking up on themes and styles in both 2008 short “Saltos,” which won Best Ibero-American Film at Mar del Plata, and “Obra,” “Tinnitus” is a portrait of a character’s response to stress, the pressure, including of big city life, and to fear.

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