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A Train to Utopia

A beautiful Italy and a multicolored city of São Paulo. Perfume of pizza, Pomodoro, and basil, all the aromas tangled in a musical documentary, which portrays the passion for a land and for what one imagines of it. What demands us to leave our house, searching for our place, even if we already have one? A journey to a place that does not exist, the discovery of an Italy imagined and revealed to a Brazilian who wants to obtain his Italian citizenship through his father's homeland. Memories are forwarded, they do not respect borders, and they become shared experiences of women and men who believe in a more human world, in integration, inclusion, resistance, and, above all, in the dignity of human life.

Director Beth Sá Freire

Born in Rio de Janeiro and  graduated in Law from UFFRJ, with a Masters in International Business.

She's the Co-director of São Paulo's International Short Film Festival and represents, in Brazil, the Cannes' Critics Week and Oberhausen's Short Film Festival. 

She has also participated as jury member in major film festivals as Berlinale (Berlin), TIFF (Toronto), Morelia (Mexico), Short Shorts (Tokyo), Asiana (Korea), Zinebi (Bilbao) and in several film festivals in Brazil.

A Train to Utopia is her 1st documentary as a director. 

Director Fabrizio Mambro

Graduated in Literature and Philosophy by La Sapienza University, Mambro worked as the chief of the cultural session for No-Limts, a montly supplement of the italian national newspaper L'Unità. He lived in São Paulo and London, and now works as Creative Director at embrio.net, a roman digital creation agency.

Endereço Av. Dr. Vieira de Carvalho, 192 / 101 -  República - CEP 01210-010 - São Paulo - Brazil Telefone +55 11 3031.5522  E-mail super@superfilmes.com.br