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FILME: A Train to Utopia
13 de setembro de 2017

The ANCINE and the Banco Regional de Desenvolvimento do Extremo Sul (BRDE) have announced the new projects graced in the streaming segments of the Brasil de Todas as Telas Program. The investments come from the Audiovisual Sector Fund - FSA in 26 productions for television and cinema


Altogether, more than R$ 36.4 million will be invested from the Audiovisual Sectorial Fund, the selected ones are part of the public calls PRODAV 01/2013 and PRODAV 02/2016, for projects for open and subscription TV, and PRODECINE 02/2016, PRODECINE 03/2016, PRODECINE 04/2013 and PRODECINE 06/2015, focused on cinematographic productions


A Train to Utopia, idealized by Beth Sá Freire and Fabrizio Mambro produced by Cinematográfica Superfilmes was one of the granted projects of this program. The documentary will portray through a musical journey the multiple relations between the city of São Paulo and the different Italian cities recreating a São Paulo that is sometimes unrecognizable in the dream of a happy coexistence and a cozy cultural identity coming from the Italian heritage. 


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A Train to Utopia in Film Cup Brazil & Italy
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