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Rec,Pause (Co-production) Fic . 35mm . Color . 15' . 2009
About the film

A child's birthday party. The father is exultant because, for the first time, he will be able to record everything from this special day. But the brand new and complex camera he has just bought is a mistery to him. How do you turn it on? How can you focus? Is it recording? Trying and failing. The result is he gets very confused with the little “rec / pause” button: when the camera is recording, he is sure it isn't and vice versa. Going from hand to hand when it is supposedly in “pause”, the camera accidentally records stories, sorrows and secrets that shouldn’t be recorded...


Production Company: 24 VPS filmes


A man buys an expensive video camera to record his son's birthday party. Unable to operate the complex device, he presses the wrong button and ends up recording things that weren't supposed to be recorded...

Director Bruno Carneiro

Bruno Carneiro graduated in Film and Vídeo at the School of Communication and Arts at University São Paulo (ECA-USP). Working as a filmmaker since 1997, he has directed five short-films: O tempo dos objetos (Newcomer Award at Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival and Best Script at Brasilia Film Festival), Carregar uma Criança (Newcomer Award at Cuiabá Short Film Festival, Best Picture Award granted by ABD-RJ at Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, Best Sound at Belo Horizonte Short Film Festival), Esboço para Fotografia (Best Cinematography ar Jornada de Cinema da Bahia), Infidelidade and Rec, Pause. Has also directed thirteen documentaries:  A Valsa do Pódio (co-directing with Daniel Hanai, through the grant Memória do Esporte Olímpico Brasileiro),  seven episodes of the series Obra Revelada (Instituto Cultural Itaú), Mestres da Literatura – Lygia Fagundes Telles (TV Escola), O Saber Tradicional (TV Cultura de São Paulo), and three episodes of the series Expresso Brasil – Acre, Mato Grosso e Rio Grande do Norte (TV Cultura de São Paulo).


Ana Andreatta


Paulo Bordhin

Amazyles de Almeida


Sílvio Restiffe

Miriam Mehler

Luis Serra

Giovanna Hansen

Vinicius Precioso



Bruno Carneiro 

Assistant Director

Cristiane Oliveira 


 Kátia Coelho 


Zita Carvalhosa 

Production Manager

Vanessa Montenegro

Assistant producer

Nicole Marchi

Art Director

Carol Bassi

Direct Sound

Ricardo Marques


Marcio Miranda Perez


Bia Borin


Music by

Marcos Azambuja

Clarinet player

Joaquim Araújo

  • Ganhador do Prêmio Estímulo de Curta Metragem 2007
  • Alucine - Toronto Latin Media Festival
  • 21º Festival Internacional de Curtas Metragens de São Paulo
  • 3º Festival de Cinema de Triunfo
  • Semana Paulista de Curta Metragem 2011 - Honorable Mention

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