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When my life was my life is a sarcastic portrayal of moral elasticity and absurdity. The film tells the story of the "exchange cartel," an organization that hides fugitives in homes in the Brazilian countryside. Grizelda, the leader, casually explains how it works: poor families "exchange" relatives in a vegetative state (who get killed) for fugitives facing death threats. In return, they receive a sum of

money. Miguel, a Latin american drug dealer, will start his life again in the home of a family in Joanópolis, countryside of São Paulo. Then the most unforeseeable conflicts begin to happen.

Director Carolina Markowicz

Carolina Markowicz is a screenwriter and director based in São Paulo- Brazil. Her first short film, 69-Luz Square, won several awards around the world, including best short film at Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival and was screened at MoMa-NY.


Tatuapé Mahal Tower, her 2nd short film which she wrote and co-directed, premiered at TIFF - Toronto Intl' Film Festival 2014. There, Carolina was considered one of the "five filmmakers to watch" from Short Cuts International by curator Shane Smith at Co- Create. TMT is one of the most awarded short films of this year in Brazil and has been selected to more than 200 festivals around the world (Edinburgh, Warsaw, Atlanta, Florida, Toulouse, Havana and many more). Among the awards the film has received, there's "best screenplay" and 15 times best film. It has now been released online, and considered best of the month of April 2017 at Vimeo Staff Picks.


Postergados is her third short film and first solo project, with actor César Bordón (Relatos Selvajes) and Mirella Pascual (Whisky). It premiered at São Paulo Intl’ Short Film Festival, was at official competition at Festival do Rio, and won Best Screenplay at Festival de Gramado. It internationally premiered at Festival de Biarritz 2017.


In September 2015, she was one of the 20 emerging filmmakers invited to be part of TIFF - Toronto International Film Festival- Talent Lab, whose mentors were Wim Wenders, Jim Stark, Christine Vauchon and Malgorzata Szumowska. And in April 2016 she was selected to Talents Buenos Aires- Berlinale.


Her most recent short film, Long Distance Relationship, premiered at TIFF 2017.



The screenplay for her first feature film, When My Life Was My Life, won the script doctoring award of SPCINE (São Paulo’s Film Agency)”. The project was also selected by AUSTROLAB, with the mentorship of Lucrecia Martel and Mariano Llinas, and will take part of CineMart at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018.

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